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Janet Salmon. Janet      Salmon      in      her      pre-Morestat      life      had      been      involved      in corporate/statutory   company   matters   for   30   years,   and   also   lectured   on these   issues.   They   are   assisted   by   a   full-time   staff   complement   of   6,   and have   two   additional   outsourced   minute   takers   to   ensure   that         clients   always have cover for their meetings. Our    business    is    aimed    at    companies    and    trusts    which    require    company secretarial   or   statutory   administative   services   on   a   daily,   monthly   or   once-off basis. CONFIDENTIALITY As company secretaries, we understand that confidentiality of client information is critical, and are happy to be bound by a confidentiality agreement. REQUIRED DISCLOSURE Morestat Corporate Services (Pty) Ltd, Registration No 2000/015549/07 Directors  JM Salmon (Brit), Dianne Whitaker.
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“You take care of the business, we’ll take care of the paper...”